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"Claws & Saucers will prove a treasure trove for any fan of the medium. Goldweber’s love and knowledge of these movies shines through... it’s obvious that he’s watched each one of these films and has something pertinent to say...  If you have any interest in the old films of our genre, you have no excuse not to grab a copy."

     - Fantasy & Science Fiction


"A fantastic guide... one of the most complete collections we've seen anywhere.  For fans of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy, this is an absolute MUST-HAVE."

     - Famous Monsters of Filmland


"Goldweber has boiled it all down to the essentials... You'd have to comb dozens of websites to get the kind of valuable stuff he packs into one entry...  fascinating and fun reading...  If you have any interest in genre films, if you want to impress and amuse your friends on movie night, or if you just enjoy compellingly written trivia, you want this book."

     - Analog


"...a welcome enthusiasm, a strong set of critical tools and an idiosyncratic sensibility that you're not going to find on the Internet Movie Database."

     - San Francisco Chronicle


"Massive, and massively recommended."

     - Cool Ass Cinema


"What an impressive achievement! Goldweber personally reviews every horror, science fiction and fantasy film released between 1902-1982 with the informed insight of a PhD and the giddy enthusiasm of a lifelong fan, of which he is both. He convincingly challenges many of the accepted critical judgments of several films, encouraging readers to reassess them in light of his insights. Reading this book becomes addictive!"

     - Steve Haberman, horror historian and author of Chronicles of Terror: Silent Screams


"Very approachable, concise and to the point.  He embraced all the genres and doesn't belittle the enjoyment between serious horror like Night of the Living Dead and B-level fare like Food of the Gods.  If you enjoy Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction films, then you need this book on your shelf."

     - The Retroist


" impressive work, with little touches of personality and fun that make the book endlessly rewarding even if you disagree with some of the findings.  Goldweber has produced a new go-to source for late-night movie watching."

     - Classic Horror Film Board


- Nominee for Classic Horror's 2013 BOOK OF THE YEAR Rondo Award!


"An awesomely comprehensive review of 80 years of cinema horror.  Well-written and incisive, with perceptive asides on such curiosities as the bells in 1939's The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Evelyn Ankers' gowns in 1942's The Ghost of Frankenstein.  The author is assured and enthusiastic in each of the decades he so smoothly covers.  An addictive, very readable, and amazingly complete book."

     - Gregory William Mank, horror historian and author of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: The Expanded Story of a Haunting Collaboration


"Two bloody thumbs up for Claws & Saucers! An entertaining and informative reference for exploitation film neophytes and serious cinephiles alike!"

     - Mike Vraney & Lisa Petrucci, Something Weird Video


"Claws & Saucers is a big book, and it is packed full of discussion and analysis... a combination of reference work and appreciation of a huge field of films."

     - Erudite Ogre


"Criticism and fandom are supposed to be opposite poles. So are breadth of knowledge and depth of knowledge. As such, I am positively enthralled by the paradox that is David Elroy Goldweber's Claws & Saucers. It is without doubt the single best and most comprehensive review of Science Fiction and Fantasy cinema written. Dr. Goldweber's personal, anecdotal reviewing style is a pleasure to read, and his insightful analysis of each and every film in this large volume makes it a reference book that one does not simply use to look a film up, but one that a fan would actually sit down and read. I cannot recommend this resource strongly enough."

     - Thomas Dean Donnelly, Screenwriter, Conan the Barbarian


"Goldweber is a true horror fan... His descriptions are insightful and his style is spot on.  If the film sucks, he'll call it out right away... To end with 'pick one up' is probably not sufficient enough to leave my readers.  Better put is: 'buy one today, another great read has arrived.'"



"A reference book that stands out in a world cluttered with movie guides... an awesome book... a must-have addition to any genre-lover's library."



"...the research is very thorough and perceptive... The plethora of information that can be extracted from Goldweber's book sheds light on recurring themes and characters affiliated with sci-fi/fantasy's sub-culture of films."

    - Susan Frances, Goodreads


"Excellent guide and detailed collection... perfect for introducing readers (and viewers) to some rather obscure titles.  Goldweber has evidently done a lot of research and his love for these films shines through in his descriptions and opinions."

     - Angela Rae, Goodreads


" amazing achievement and the most robust guide of its kind... He takes movies as they are, making a real effort to find value in each film. It is a big tent approach driven by an obvious love for the art form... a big, fun book that is easy to pick up and hard to put down."

     - CineSource Magazine


"If you are a Science Fiction, Horror and/or Fantasy movie buff, like me, then this is a must have for you.  This book spells it all out - which are the good ones and which ones you're gonna love because they are so bad."

     - Sara Thompson, Reading all year long


"Great fun to browse... does fans a favor by keeping his references geekcentric... Frequently maddening and sporadically illuminating - but consistently ingratiating."

     - Booklist


"A colossal book... This encyclopedic volume is an impressive undertaking and certainly succeeds in what it sets out to do.... He is passionate about these movies and finds the best that each has to offer."

     - SF Reader

"A Whopper... and a darn good one at that... The direct, casual style of the writing, and the manner in which the films are reviewed, makes this a veritable goldmine of nuggets and potential movie trivia questions, and it really does help to draw you in, making you think you've just met this guy at the pub and he's telling you all about a movie he's just seen... An excellent, massive resource, that comes with equally huge recommendation, and deservedly so."

     - The British Fantasy Society


"Awesomely complete."

     - East Bay Express


"It's pretty hard not to be impressed with this book... Goldweber's passion is evident through his reviews and commentaries... an incredibly handy and entertaining resource that is not only informative, but also an absorbing and addictive read. Highly recommended and a valuable addition to the library of every cinegeek."

    - Forces of Geek


"This huge, four-pound volume is just fun to flip through, whether to titles that pique your curiosity or at random.  The Claws & Saucers experience is more reliable than your local newspaper's TV listings and more open-minded than Leonard Maltin.  It's the kind of film book that has taken up not just a special place in my heart, but an entire quadrant."

     - Rod Lott, Bookgasm/Flick Attack

"Fantastic value given all the movies it mentions."

     - Sci-Fi Fan Letter


"A fabulous, unpretentious guide."

     - Starburst Magazine


- Critiques 1700+ films: virtually EVERY sci-fi, horror, and fantasy film made from 1902-1982

- Includes dozens of thrillers, exploitation films, and psychedelic films

- Cuts through the chaos to tell you what you really NEED and WANT to know

- Accurate facts

- Clear writing

- Honest opinions


- Respect for the films


- Respect for the reader


Claws & Saucers aims at nothing less than helping you appreciate every single classic sci-fi, horror, and fantasy film.


Please enjoy the introduction and the letter "C" (for "Claws"!) excerpt posted here.  Then make the book your own.



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